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Content Creators Branding

The following page is a summary of guidelines, rules, and handy tips that we hope will help you communicate our values, realize our vision, and reinforce our brand. It is impossible to predict every situation, brand execution, or implementation, but this guide will help refine your approach.

Whether you are an outside designer or one of our amazing
content creators, thank you for helping us achieve our goals and pursue our mission.

Our Logo

The Heart and Soul of our Brand

The brand logo identifies the SWG brand as a whole. Use this logo to represent individual locations, products, merchandise, and wholesale operations.
This logo is a carefully created piece of locked artwork that should not be altered in any way.


Our Content Creator Badge

Our content creators are our biggest supporters! We have developed approved badges that allow our creators to show off they’re a part of our CC Program.
Maintain the same clear space for the primary logo lockup. Keep a minimum badge height of 75px.

Our Creative Creators



As a general rule, the more clear, or negative, space around the logo, the better.
At a minimum, there should be clear space equal to the height of the Wolfpack icon on all four sides of the logo. Using an element from the logo as a unit of measurement ensures enough clear space at any size.



The consistent use of colour is vital to effective brand recognition.

Our brand should always be represented in one of the colours on this page, aside from specific recommendations within this guide.

Do not use any other/unauthorized colours.

Scarred Red.png
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